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Use of new technologies

Do you want to model your home in 3D?

Deco-Reno has always been a pioneer in the use of new technology for these customers. Whether it is to model an interior or exterior in 3D or even develop computer generated images to give a virtual overview of the final rendering of a renovation, the use of these technologies has always been optimized for customer service.

For interiors, Deco-Reno use the photogrammetric application that allows you to capture images directly through your mobile phone to generate a 3D model of your home. Regarding exteriors, Deco-Reno use a drone and aerial image processing software to restore a 3D model of your exteriors. Deco-Reno also use a computer-generated image creation software to give you the best possible virtual overview of your project.

These different technologies allow, among other things, to give you the opportunity to make the right decisions on your renovation choices by having a virtual preview with 3D rendering. It will allow us, the construction company, to obtain greater precision on the various details of your habitat (relief, holes, distance, volume, defect, etc.) very often ignored or even underestimated.

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